Zemarit Zerfe Kebede Said She Hasn't Changed Her Orthodox Religion

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Ethiopian Orthodox Church singer Zerfe Kebede denies the social media circulation that she has changed her religion to Protestantism. She also explains about her recent song. 

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  • Selam Added I feel so sorry forsorry you dont even understand theming. You know what the minnig of Amlaje you just very poor. You thank you know better then our fathers? Is this new for orthodox. Just poor orthodox teach every day 365 days the only way to goto haven is only Jesus but you and your friends did not underdtand the true orthodox. Are you betyer then many great our fathers. I'm telling you you will see very soon how you will be fall.
  • Selam Added You are number 1 attention-seek erever. I never see anybody who look for attention like you in Ethiopian history. we have enough great teachers thet who can teach us about our Jesus Christ.you need to learn first before you teach about Him. He is our God he is our savior my church know him before you're born. Jesus is not new 4 our church. Please see a doctor for your sickness I have seen any body who look for attention like you. Also all the mezimurs you sing is for respond not for worship. you just want to get attention even when you sing you don't have any connection with God pray for you you really sick.no body care about what you saying
  • Habitamu Asimare Added Kirstos yastareken, eko ye adamin hatiat(ye wurse hatiat )new lezelalem yatefaw. degmo Haimanote abew bilesh yetenagreshiw eskemeche new yeminagerew eskezare wois eske sikiletu. Degmo hasabish eris beris yitaresal, medrek lay bagegnish des yilegnal. ayi zerfe, mezemerina mawoq yileyayal. any ways ewnetun enditreji Egziabher Yirdash. ande feraji new ande besiga yamalidenal min malet new???
  • ye dingil lij yekiristis Added wushetam kehadi siledingil maryam amalajinet beadebabay meskiri mejemerya