About Us

EthioTime is an online media that focuses on providing news, entertaining, and educative information in multimedia and written platform. The news served in this website are high quality which take into account different perspectives. We provide entertaining videos which promote positive experience among our audience. Materials that are violent and promote hate are not allowed at EthioTime. Thanks to the advancement of IT, scientific findings which may help the development of personal, psychological, health, career and social coexistence are available.  Therefore, EthioTme is dedicated to contribute to the dissemination of these educational findings in the form of video as well as articles. These educative materials are not a mere copy of what is been published already. Instead, we give our own critical interpretation and review to contextualize them to the reality of our audience. You are strongly encouraged to contact us and give us if you have  suggestions on the news and infotainment served in this website.