"Ethiopianism is existential" says Teddy Afro to VOA Amharic

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Ethiopianism is existential says Teddy Afro to VOA Amharic 

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  • aa Added @getachew hagos: Believe or not you and your government are dyeing inside! The time is coming for your final crush! And don't expect some other force to do this! You are gonna do this well!
  • getachew hagos Added believe or not tedros -afro is not anatural musician he is rather aconflicting figuer among his identity and a provocative musical approach and through this mess heis also a cruel rentseeker collecting huge amount of money in the expence of young ethiopians ;we will continue to define his skapegoatism until he reveals 1.where he puts his mothers request of the mysterious 1995 or1996 poor women of claiming tedros is her child and disapears . 2.is he really innocent when heclaims he discovers his mom accidentally at the age of 30 in the music party. 3.he ranssomed 800000 br for the young eritrian but silence for ethiopian issues of devolopment and catastrophy ....there are already many things to say according to his lobby for eritrya..including his marriage his concert for eritryan :NATSENET DAY: 5 songs for erytria .finnaly believe or not KASAHUN the late was not hiis father also...