Breaking News: Ethiopia declares state of emergency

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  • TRIT MOHAMMED OMAR Added The amended income tax of 2016 G.C is not uniform standard of measurement and calender.
  • Trit Mohammed Added We couldn't receive two months salary
  • Trit Mohammed Added We couldn't receiving to months salary.
  • Trit Mohammed Added The Value added Taxes
    The amended income tax proclamation related to
    The value added tax (VAT)
    System, which came into effect ------.largely replaced the old business tax systems of commodity and service taxes including the sales tax and the withholding tax. The VAT rates is 15% of the value of every taxable transaction by a registered person and all imported of goods and services other than those exampted. Taxable transaction which shall be charged with Zero percent are: export of goods or services to the extent provide in the regulsyions. The rendering of transaction or other service directly connected with international transport of goods or passengers as well as the supply of lubricants and other consumable technical supplies taken on board for consumption during international flights.
  • Trit Mohammed Added Related to New Amended income tax
    The Ethiopian tax Law provides for the firect and indirect tax.The direct taxes are divided into five categories.personal income tax, rental tax, withholding tax,coroperation tax, etc .The main types of indirect taxes applicable are VAT, Customs duty , excise and turn o er taxes.
    1. Direct Taxes
    Incomes taxable under Income Tax proclamation No.286/2002 (Artocle 6) include: incomes from employment, business activites, personal activites, enterepreneurial activities
  • Trit Mohammed Added ETHIOPIA
    Toward a Customs Administration for 21th Century
    The 4 pillars Reforms Conceptual Model
    .Change Management
    .Business Process Re-engineering
    .Strategic Implementation
    Partnership, Cooperation and External Assistance
    Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority
    Political Situation
    Federal Democratic Republic : 9 Regional States -2 City administrations
    Economic Base and Police
    Agricultural led industrialization/ Export oriented : Agri Products- lether and Textiles
    Macro Economic indicators
    Sector Indicators
    - Industry
    MDG Goals (African Econ. Out look-20---/ ADB,ECA,OECD,EU)
    Goal 1- Eradicate Poverty and Hunger
    Goal 2- Universal Primary Education
    Goal 3-Gender Equity & Empower Women
    Goal 4-Reducing Child Mortality
    Goal 5-Improving Maternal Health
    Goal 6-Combat disease/ HIV
    GOAL 7- Ensure Environmental Sustanability
  • Trit Mohammed Added As we are related with income tax proclamation we are a tax law, if we are a tax law we are General Auditor, if we are General Auditor we are Accountable for Prime Minister of the country
  • Trit Mohammed Added In the past decade, the Ethiopia economic, social and political environment has been changing steadily on the back of the annual double-digits economic growth witnessed throughout the period. The pro-poor economic strategy implemented by the government in the past decade resulted in the lifting out millions of citizens from extreme poverty which passes the way to middle-income country status in-----
    The progress observed in the country was not only limited to fast economic growth, but this was achieved on the background of stable macroeconomic environment. As witnessed by various studies and analytical works related to the performance of Ethiopian economy, Ethiopia's growth is what Ethiopia's fast economic growth is also distinctiveness in its nature since it benefited millions of poor citizens from the economic boom.
    The achievement being witnessed in Ethiopia is a result of appropriate policies and strategies, government commitment, effective implementation strategy, mass mobilization of the population to the cause and very supportive development partners.
    one such supportive development partner is the world Bank Group.
    In one of its recent report --
  • Trit Mohammed Added in line public sector capacity building context resize
  • TRIT MOHAMMED OMAR Added To resolving this economic war of the country we must using proclamation number 286/2002
    INCOME TAX PROCLAMATION -----------------------PAGE 1867 and also an other related proclamation