Ethiopia's communication shared fake news 'Ethiopians to travel visa free to US'

(EthioTime News, April 5, 2017) Ethiopia's communication affairs office shares a fake news that 'Donald Trump Signs a visa-free travel policy for Ethiopians'. The white house and other credible news organizations have not reported about the claim.

The source of the news (http://usa-television.com/donald-trump-signs-a-visa-free-travel-policy-for-ethiopia/ ) has reported another fake news that United States has imposed a quota on the number visa to be granted to Ethiopians. However, the embassy of United Sates in Addis Ababa has dismissed the claim.

It is shocking to learn the communication office shares a fake news without double checking the credibility of the source. Considering the measures taken by Donald Trump's administration against immigration, it is less likely to happen in his administration. See the screen shot of the post below. 

In a recent development, the embassy of United States in Addis Ababa has posted on its official Facebook page that the circulating fake news in the social media, also shared by the communication office of Ethiopia, is not true. The post states that there is no change in visa policy for Ethiopian citizens. 

Following the statement from the US embassy, EthioTime has learned that the communication office has taken down the fake news from its official Facebook page. 

Instead of asking sincere apology for disseminating fake news, the office decided to delete the fake news and posted the statement from the embassy.   

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