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  • Robel Kiros withdraw himself from swimming

    (by EthiTime) Robel Kiros who has been reported as tubby Ethiopian swimmer said he withdrew himself from “Olympic games”

    Robel is the most unlikely Olympian in Brazil who media dubbed him “world's favorite athlete of the 2016 Olympics.” He ended up so far behind his fellow competitors, it almost seemed like he was competing in an entirely different sport, says Mirror.

    Robel whose father is president of the national swimming federation has suffered from media punch all over the world and has finally said that he doesn’t want to compete in Olympic Games anymore after he had given all during the heats of the 100m freestyle and finished 59th out of the 59 swimmers in the heats in Rio Olympic.

    Image: Robel in Rio   


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  • One Husband With 13 Wives, All Pregnant At The Same Time

    This man is married to thirteen women and they are all pregnant at the same time & Same Month, says news sources.

    It has become most surprising world record ever and it is unbelievable story of a man who is married to 13 wives and all of them are pregnant at the same time and same month.

    No this was not enough, what is even more surprising, all his wives are happy and live together like a big happy family.


    Image: the man who claims to marry 13 wives & his pregnant wives.


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  • Amhara region Chief Gedu Andargachew lost from political power

    (by EthioTime) President of the Amhara regional state, Gedu Andargachew, has been removed from political power, according to sources that the regional party, Amhara National Democratic Movements, central committee decided to strip off Gedu’s power.

    The decision is said to limit Gedu’s involvement in administrative functions while he is also deputy chairman of the party. It was reported that the Party Central Committee claim that Gedu amassed excessive power and failed to tend the political health of the party.

    Sources also indicate that, some other regional officials have also been removed from office in the region.

    Gedu will be limited to governmental functions after now, while Party Chairman Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen will make all party related decisions, it was learned.  

    The Bahir Dar. The regional capital, demonstration in the weekend went beyond denouncing TPLF and left many people died.

    Image: Gedu Andargachew


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  • Thousands demonstrate in Addis Ababa National Palace today

    (by EthioTime) Thousands of Nifas Silk Laphto Sub-City residents held demonstration demanding for their right respected in-front of the National Palace in Addis Ababa, today.

    The demonstrators, who came from an area commonly referred to as Kersa Kuntoma in the Nifas Silk Laphto Sub-City located in western part of Addis Ababa, have said that their right has been violated by Kebele administration officials of the Addis Ababa City planning to demolish their houses whereas the city administration has sited the area as ‘illegal settlement.’    

    The Palace officials have told the gathering to dismiss that a platform will be facilitated over the matter to be discussed, it was learned.

    Last week, two police officers and one woreda official were killed in the area following the confrontations occurred after the woreda administrator summoned local residents for a meeting to discuss the issue of illegal settlement.

    At the meeting a mob—armed with blades sticks and rocks—that was refusing to be forcibly evicted from their houses awaited the administrator and the two police officers and eventually attacked them, which ultimately led to the death of the three.

    The two police officers, Michael Shiferaw (Insp.) and Tesfaye Bahiru (Dep. Insp.), and the woreda administrator, Tarik Fikre, were killed after confrontations due to illegal settlement turned deadly.

    Police then arrived at the scene and arrested some 200 residents suspected of being perpetrators of the crime, it has been reported.


    Image: Part of the demonstration around National Palace in Addis Ababa this morning



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  • Somali region officials bag 10 million Birr to Tigrian displaced from Ahmara region

    (by EthioTime) Headed by Abdi Mohamed Omar the regional president, officials of Somali region has been reported to donate 10 million Birr to Tigrians displaced from Gonder and surrounding in Amhara region.

    According to sources, the aim of this support is to show their solidarity with Tigray people. However, the act of the regional officials has not been welcomed by many people for it can motivate political misconstruction at this very time of grievance and misunderstanding being fueled between the two people in Amhara and Tigray regions.   

    In the meantime, regional delegates are preparing to travel to Tigray region in order to mourn with those who have been reported as displaced.           

    Image: Abdi Mohamed

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