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  • Fire Broke at Qilinito Prison: Causality due to gun shots and stumped has escalated to 20


    The Qilinto maximum security prison, located in southern Addis Abeba, caught fire this morning. Intensive gunfire ensued following the fire accident, creating a tense situation among local residents in the area.

    Addis Abeba’s fire brigade chief declined to make a comment on the accident as fire fighters, emergency service providers and first responders continue to battle the blaze, according to eye witnesses.

    Under the Federal Prison Administration, Qilinto hosts the country’s high profile political prisoners. Inmates are reportedly being moved away from harm’s way, amidst continued gunfire by prison guards and local police, supposedly to prevent any prison breaks. There is heavy presence of security forces from the federal police around the scene, an eye witness told Fortune.

    We will update this story as our reporter on the ground brings more details.

    Update: The fire is now under control, while there is a reported loss of life on one inmate. The cause of the fire, currently under investigation, started in a kitchen.

    Update: Causality due to gun shots and stumped has escalated to 20, while three fire fighters are admitted to hospitals due to suffocation. Cause of fire is reportedly deliberate act to escape , according to sources. the federal police unit has taken over security from the Federal Prison Administration.

    Source: Addis Fortune 

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  • Prime Minister Hailemariam clicks ‘merciless measure’

    (by EthioTime) Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn in a half-hearted approach announced that his rule will take merciless measures once again.  

    However Hailemariam tried to be as bold as he could towards the latest tension in Ethiopia on his statement opened only for state run media mainly EBC, last night, many are still labeling his words of no value at a time.

    People are being reported for having said that this statement would rather fuel the current protest against the rule in the country.

    The Prime Minister in his speech claimed that the protest against the government is being fueled by anti-government group funded in pack of money. Despite his this address to the public it has been reported that grievance have continued in parts of Amhara region.  

    However he didn’t mention Egypt exactly as source of the fund for the opposition group, he said “the longstanding enemies of our country who do not want us to use our natural resources are conspiring to weaken and dismantle the country with massive funding to ‘extremist diaspora’ group”.

    At this point he has ordered all security personnel to take merciless measure against anyone who are believed to involve in this process.     

    Seen while speaking at the national television Hailemariam has displayed indifference in some of his points especially while warning for merciless measures to be taken against the protest.

    His last night statement seems to reflect that the ruling party is not ready to accept the public grievance coming from multiple socio-economic burden in the East African country. Analysis fear this warning would rather aggravate the situation by promoting the mass protest to a higher bloodshed.

    The Prime Minister also said that his party is in renewal while he promised for more package of job for the youth.

    Image: Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn

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  • Barcelona soccer star Messi sentenced to 21 months in prison

     Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi has been sentenced to 21 months in prison after a court in Barcelona found him guilty of three counts of tax fraud, a statement from the court said on Wednesday.

    The court also sentenced the Argentine soccer player's father, Jorge, to 21 months in prison for the same three crimes. The sentence can be appealed through the Spanish supreme court, the statement said.

    However, under Spanish law a prison sentence under two years can be served under probation, meaning Messi and his father are unlikely to go to jail.

    The court ordered Messi to pay a fine of around 2 million euros ($2.21 million) and his father to pay 1.5 million euros for the crimes.


    Source: CNBC

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  • Robel Kiros withdraw himself from swimming

    (by EthiTime) Robel Kiros who has been reported as tubby Ethiopian swimmer said he withdrew himself from “Olympic games”

    Robel is the most unlikely Olympian in Brazil who media dubbed him “world's favorite athlete of the 2016 Olympics.” He ended up so far behind his fellow competitors, it almost seemed like he was competing in an entirely different sport, says Mirror.

    Robel whose father is president of the national swimming federation has suffered from media punch all over the world and has finally said that he doesn’t want to compete in Olympic Games anymore after he had given all during the heats of the 100m freestyle and finished 59th out of the 59 swimmers in the heats in Rio Olympic.

    Image: Robel in Rio   


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  • One Husband With 13 Wives, All Pregnant At The Same Time

    This man is married to thirteen women and they are all pregnant at the same time & Same Month, says news sources.

    It has become most surprising world record ever and it is unbelievable story of a man who is married to 13 wives and all of them are pregnant at the same time and same month.

    No this was not enough, what is even more surprising, all his wives are happy and live together like a big happy family.


    Image: the man who claims to marry 13 wives & his pregnant wives.


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