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  • A true show of sportsmanship: Etenesh Diro Advances to Final after Finishing 3,000-Meter Steeplechase with 1 shoe

    (by EthioTime) Etenesh Diro has advanced to the final in the women's 3,000-meter steeplechase after having run the last half mile of the semifinal with only one shoe. After reviewing video of the race, the Jury of Appeal advanced Etenesh to the final, following protests from the Ethiopian team, according to The Associated Press. 

    Etenesh was leading her heat in the qualification race when her right shoe got loose. She struggled to put it back on after colliding with some of the others on the track.  

    After trying to put it back on, Etenesh finally yanked it off and threw it onto the field. Taking a few steps, she ripped off her sock and continued, completing the last leg of the race with just one shoe.

    Etenesh managed to catch up to some of the runners, but finished in 7th place in her heat, clocking in at 9:34.70. That time originally knocked her out of the final. The Ethiopian team appealed and Etenesh was advanced to the final. Sara Louise Treacy of Ireland and Aisha Praught of Jamaica will also run in the final race after appeals from their countries' teams. 

    In a true show of sportsmanship, the other athletes rushed over to comfort Etenesh after the race. Etenesh caught the attention of social media this evening during the semifinal, with people cheering on her determination.

    Image: Etenesh in Rio semifinal

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  • Eritrea confirms the fighting with Ethiopia- BBC

    (by EthioTime) BBC has recently reported that the locals have been hearing heavy gun fight since Sunday morning in the Ethio-Eritrea border, specifically, Tsorena front.  

    They also reported witnessing mass movement of Ethiopian soldiers and tanks in the border. Before a few hours the Eritrean government has confirmed that fighting is going on between the two soldiers.

    The Eritrean government accused Ethiopia for launching the attack in its own soil. BBC said the information minister of Ethiopia, who is outside the country at the moment, replied that he did not know about the reported fight.

    However, considering the Eritrean confirmation and its pledge to provide further detail, it seems the heavily militarized region has once again turned to a war zone. 

    Yesterday, Ethiopian media close to the government sources reported the breaking news. This is a developing story, details will come soon. 

    Image: Ethiopian military tank

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    HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) --A homicide investigation was underway after an altercation between a taxi driver and a passenger turned deadly at a Hollywood gas station early Sunday.

    Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Division responded to a call of an altercation at a gas station near Beachwood Drive and Franklin Avenue at about 3:15 a.m.

    Authorities found the taxi driver, later identified as Asfawosen Alemseged, unconscious in the parking lot of a 76 gas station.

    Alemseged was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he later died, police said.

    Investigators said it appeared Alemseged was first attacked over a fare dispute while he was inside the cab.

    "This is probably a fare dispute that escalated into a robbery, into a physical assault, to the victim's death," Lt. John Radtke of the LAPD said.

    Detectives said the altercation then continued outside the vehicle.

    The suspect was believed to be a passenger who was being dropped off near the gas station.

    He was last seen fleeing the scene eastbound on Franklin Avenue, according to Radtke.

    The suspect was described as a 35 to 40-year-old man who is about 5-foot-8 inches tall.

    Police said he had thick, dark hair and was last seen wearing a long-sleeve blue shirt.

    Investigators were checking surveillance video for more information on the crime. Scent dogs were also aiding police in the suspect search.

    "What they attempt to do is get a scent from the suspect and then specifically follow that scent wherever it leads them," said Radtke. "It did lead them eastbound on Franklin and into the local community."

    In a statement, Yellow Cab said Alemseged worked for the company for 24 years and that he was well known in his native Ethiopian community as a singer, musician, writer and artist.

    Anyone with information on the case was urged to contact the LAPD.

    The intersection of Beachwood Drive and Franklin Avenue was closed for several hours and has since reopened.

    Souce: ABC 

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  • There's something very weird about this woman's racy bedroom snap - but it takes a while to spot it

    It's a snap just like any other you'll see in your Instagram news fee. A woman poses cheekily biting the end of her finger while gazing down the lens.

    The image is actually from as far back as 2003 , but it's gone viral again recently. Why? Because eagle-eyed people have spotted something quite odd about it.

    It's not obvious at first glance, but look closely...


    Yes, she appears to have an extra finger - and she's even drawing attention to it.

    Is it natural or Photoshopped? Nobody seems to know.


    Source: Mirror

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  • Ethiopian runner makes protest sign as he crosses line in Rio


    An Olympic marathon runner from Ethiopia staged a daring protest against his home government when he crossed the line in Rio on Sunday.

    As he took the silver medal, Feyisa Lilesa crossed his arms above - a gesture made by the Oromo people who have suffered brutal police crackdowns.

    Lilesa is from Oromia, home to most of Ethiopia's 35 million Oromo people.

    He repeated the protest gesture later at a press conference, saying his life would be in danger if he returned home.

    Human rights groups say that Ethiopian security forces have killed hundreds of people in recent weeks as they crack down on anti-government protests.

    Explaining his actions, Lilesa said: "The Ethiopian government are killing the Oromo people and taking their land and resources so the Oromo people are protesting and I support the protest as I am Oromo.

    "The Ethiopian government is killing my people so I stand with all protests anywhere as Oromo is my tribe. My relatives are in prison and if they talk about democratic rights they are killed. I raised my hands to support with the Oromo protest."

    The marathon runner said that he might be killed if he returned.

    "If not kill me, they will put me in prison," he said. "I have not decided yet, but maybe I will move to another country."

    Asked if he was worried about being sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), he said: "I cannot do anything about that. This was my feeling. I have a big problem in my country, it is very dangerous to make protest in my country."

    Rule 50 of the Olympic charter bans political displays or protests and the American duo of Tommie Smith and John Carlos were famously stripped of their medals after the pair flashed the black power salute on the medal stand at the 1968 Summer Games.

    There has been a wave of protests in Ethiopia in recent months over a series of frustrations, including attempts by the governments to reallocate land in the Oromo and Amhara regions. Read more 

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