PM Hailemariam removes Shiferaw Shigute

(by EthioTime) Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has been reported to have removed his other regional comrade, Education Minister Shiferaw Shigute in a week time after Mekuria Haile has been sacked from Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

Many people in the East African country have been suspicion toward the capacity of Shiferaw to up hold ministerial post especially the education where country’s educational institutions suffer from curricula being abandoned due to funding cuts, unqualified – but party-loyal – lecturers, and shoddily built institutions.

Ethiopia’s higher education infrastructure has mushroomed in the last 15 years. The rapid growth of Ethiopia’s higher education system has come at a cost, but it is moving forward all the same, according to The Telegraph.

Despite this fact, the Ministry of Education under leadership of Shiferaw, higher education entrance exam leaking scandal plagued the nation all round to blockage of social media sites pressing the Ministry to cancel Higher Education entrance exam schedule in May this year.  

Shiferaw is an executive committee member of EPRDF and former president of South Region. However, EPRDF council announced last week a plan to conduct massive "clean up" including its top leadership which is followed by Hailemariam’s signoff to sack two ministers. The public seems annoyed with the act of taking the “small fish” down.  

Image: Shiferaw Shigute

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