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  • Ethiopia Grade 10 General School Leaving Certificate Examination Officially Released

    Ethiopia Grade 10 General School Leaving Certificate Examination of the year 2006 is officially released today. You can see your results using your detail in the following link http://www.neaea.gov.et/Home/Student. If the link doesn't work/busy for you, it could be because of large traffic flooding to the website. In this case, you can use the alternative mechanism by sending RTN and your  ID number (with space between RTN and your ID) to the free number 8181. We wish you all the best. 

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  • Meet the boy turning into a 'human tree' because of extremely rare and painful condition

    Meet the little boy who suffers from an extremely rare condition that makes his hands and feet look like they're turning into trees.

    The body of seven-year-old Ripon Sarker is covered in scaly warts because he suffers from the condition known as 'epidermodysplasia verruciformis'.

    Youngster Ripon, from Thakurgaon, Bangladesh, was only admitted to hospital for the first time this month because his family couldn't afford treatment.

    The young boy was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital on August 20.

    His dad Mahendra Das said: "They haven't carried out tests on him. Physicians say they will look into this matter before treatment."

    Poor Ripon cannot walk or eat by himself because of his tree-like features – but doctors have said they are hopeful that his hands and feet are operable as his fingers and toes and can still be identified.

    Ripon's symptoms match the ones of 26-year-old Abul Bajander – dubbed 'tree man' – who also has the same condition and was recently operated at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

    Burn and plastic surgery unit coordinator Samanta Lal Sen said: "We are hopeful about the child's situation.

    "In Abul's case, we couldn't distinguish the warts from his fingers.

    "Ripon's warts have not expanded to that extent yet. He can identify his fingers and toes.

    "We might be able to treat him with fewer operations."

    The physician went on to explain that the child's family is extremely poor.

    He said: "That's why he lacks proper nutrition. His physical development has been hampered as well. We need to give him proper nutrition before the operations begin.

    "He might require blood as well."

    Abul, 26, went under the knife in March to treat the extremely rare growths.

    During the procedure, doctors operated on his right hand to eliminate some of the smaller warts.

    The medics estimated the growths removed weighed at least 11 pounds.

    They also suggested Abul would need at least 15 further operations in the course of one year.

    Samanta Lal Sen, faculty director at the hospital, said: "We removed some small warts from his palm but Bajandar would need up to 15 operations in total to rid his body of the growths in one year."

    Source: Mirror

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  • Fidel Castro turns 90: Cuba rolls 90m cigar to mark birthday of 'Historic Leader'

    A veteran-cigar maker has celebrated Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday by rolling what is believed to be the world’s longest cigar.

    At 90m long, it took Cuban cigar roller, Jose Castelar, 10 days to make and he hopes to gain his sixth Guinness record from the feat.

    “I haven’t smoked in many years,” Mr Castelar told USA Today. “But our present to him is our joint effort to commemorate his birthday, because we know that he does not smoke anymore.”

    Cuba has put on a number of events this month to honour the retired "El Comandante" who spearheaded its 1959 revolution and built a Communist-run state on the doorstep of the United States. 

    Thousands celebrated the birthday in a giant street party along Havana’s Malecon boulevard by dancing to Latin beats through the night from Friday to Saturday, with a live band bursting into “Happy Birthday” at midnight.

    Saturday in a long column carried by state-run media in which the iconic leftist revolutionary also lambasted the US.

    "I want to express my most profound gratitude for the shows of respect, the greetings and gifts I have received the days, which give me the strength to reciprocate through ideas," Mr Castro wrote in the opinion piece.

    Mr Castro, who handed power to his younger brother Raul in 2008 due to poor health also wrote about his youth in the eastern village of Biran and about his father who died before the revolution.

    Castro went on to lambast Barack Obama, over his speech in May when he visited Hiroshima - the site of the world's first atomic bombing at the end of World War Two.

    Source: The Independent

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  • Frightened Feyissa can come back home says Ethiopia’s gov’t

    (by EthioTime) Ethiopia’s government vowed to Olympian Feyissa Lelisa who earned a silver medal in men's marathon at the Rio Olympics that he will not face any problem while returning back home.

    Feyisa won’t face any problem due to his political stance, Getachew Reda, Government Communication Affairs Office Minister told a local radio station on Monday.

    Getachew was heard saying that “though it is impossible to express a political stance at Olympic Games, the athlete will be welcomed while returning home along with other members of the Ethiopian Olympic squad”.

    Feyissa however has told reporters in Rio that he will possibly be jailed or killed upon his arrival to Ethiopia.  "If not kill me, they will put me in prison," he said. "I have not decided yet, but maybe I will move to another country." He also told journalists he would prefer to go to America.

    As he took the silver medal, Feyissa Lelisa crossed his arms above - a gesture made by the Oromo and other people who have suffered brutal police crackdowns.

    Despite government’s vow to welcome the athlete many people are expressing their doubt about this promise by the government.

    In related development more than $20,000 has been raised for Feyessa's political asylum process.

    Image:  Feyissa in Rio

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