Ethiopia’s gov’t relentlessly shuts down internet

(by EthioTime) Ethiopia’s government relentlessly shut down internet access over the weekend as public demonstration was called across regions in the country.

Following hundreds of thousands have gathered for a peaceful demonstration in Gonder in Amhara region a week before, the public grievance to go out to the streets have grown across the country against the government’s rule this weekend.    

Although no any opposition has claimed call for the mass protest in Gonder, Blue Party has been pressured to lift its call for public demonstration in Bahir Dar City later on this weekend.     

After nation has been hit by mass demonstration throughout regions over the weekend the government is not yet allowing full internet access.

Authorities attempt to control information dissemination across the country through blocking social media sites last month, when students were taking exams after higher education entrance exam papers were leaked online sparking a national scandal, have now grown to absolute shut down of internet access as public demonstration call was ignited across two major regions through internet and social media.   

Economic segregation, ethnic affiliated benefit, high cost of living, unemployment, corruption, maladministration, narrow political landscape and etc are deceiving the East African country mainly emanating from within the ruling party.  

Meanwhile, no one has claimed responsibility under government structure such act of internet blockage as it was said last month the incident would be "dangerous precedent".  

The Prime Minister and other higher officials still point fingers on others than seeking solutions for the mass grievance. 

Ethiopia is becoming tough around internet control and social media issues that it has recently endorsed a bill that would allow government to sensor the online media platform.


Image: Ethiopia blocked internet access


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