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  • Novelist carries out bank raid same as plot of one of his books

    A novelist who penned a story about a failed bank raid is to stand trial in Germany for carrying out a heist identical to the one he wrote about.

    Like the character in his book the writer found himself struggling to make ends meet and so decided to rob a bank.

    But like in the book, things didn’t go according to plan. On January 26 this year, in a district of Leipzig, he entered a bank wearing a mask and carrying a starting pistol.

    He threatened staff and ordered customers to lie on the floor.

    After getting the counter cash he ordered a teller to open the safe which was protected by a time delay system. After 25 minutes on the premise he fled with the euro equivalent of £32,000.

    But the delay meant police were en route and arrested him as he got outside.

    In his book the villain flees on a bike and changes clothes hidden behind an oak tree.

    In real life the robber novelist had a bike...and clothes hidden behind an oak tree.

    State prosecutor Hans-Joachim Walburg charged the unnamed man, 49, with extortion under threat of force, extortionate abduction and illegally carrying a starting pistol.

    According to his defence lawyer, Stephan Bonell, the defendant will make a “full confession” when he comes to trial next month.

    Source: Mirror


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  • Meet the 87-year-old woman who has a five inch HORN growing out of her head

    Doctors in China were presented with a rare medical condition recently.

    Liang Xiuzhen from Sichuan, south west China, came to them with what appeared to be a horn on her head.

    The 87-year-old has had the growth for approximately two years and it's still growing, reported

    According to reports, around eight years ago, Liang Xiuzhen had a black mole in the area where the horn is now growing.

    It started itching so the family started treating it with a local herbal remedy. As the remedy worked without side effects, the family just carried on using it without concerns.

    Two years ago, the mole split open and a small horn started growing from the skin.

    In the beginning, it was just about the size of the little finger and around an inch long.

    The pensioner's son, Wang Zhaojun, said: 'We went to the hospital and the doctors couldn't diagnose the growth.

    'My mother doesn't like going to the hospital because she thinks that she won't be able to come back home if she goes.'

    As the growth didn't seem to be getting any bigger, the family ignored it.

    Earlier this year, when Wang Zhaojun was washing her mother's hair, she accidentally 'knocked off' the horn.

    Another growth soon replaced the original horn and started growing rapidly.

    Within a space of six months, it had grown to a horn measuring five inches in length and just over two inches in diameter.

    The solid growth now resembles an animal horn in shape and colour.

    However, the skin around the horn is red raw and occasionally blood seeps through.

    Speaking about her condition, Liang Xiuzhen said: 'At the moment it's just painful. Sometimes it's so painful it will wake me up from sleep.' 

    Doctors have identified the growth as a cutaneous horn.

    The structure can be removed using surgery, depending on the physical fitness of the patient.

    However, due to the fact that the horn has been growing so quickly, doctors are also worried that the growth may be cancerous.

    Wang Zhaojun hopes that he might be able to persuade his mother to get treatment if available.

    Although the condition is rare, it's not the first time that it's been reported. 

    In 2010, a Chinese woman aged 101 was reported to have a 'devil' horn growing from her head.

    Zhang Ruifang from Henan, central China, had a growth measuring just over 2 inches growing from her forehead.

    It is not known if Ms Zhang received treatment for her growth.

    Source: Daily Mail



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  • Thrilled woman talks about her incredible transformation after amazing facial surgery

    A woman born with a rare condition which stopped her jawbones growing properly has had her life transformed by pioneering surgery.

    Ellie Jones from Wales was born with the facial deformity condition meaning her teeth were not aligned.

    When the Rhyl woman went to have her braces fitted to straighten her teeth, aged 14, consultant orthodontist Joy Hickman realised her jaw had not grown since she was eight-years-old.

    Over the next six years Miss Hickman worked with consultant maxillofacial surgeon Emma Woolley at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd to transform Ellie’s looks and her whole life’s outlook.

    She underwent her first operation at the age of 16 and Ellie, who is now 20, said: “It was really painful, but had to be done to sort the problem.

    “I was on a liquid diet for about a month, which was really hard, and I couldn’t talk properly – I had to use a notepad to communicate.

    “After a while I was able to mumble a few words, and had a lisp for a while due to how swollen my mouth was.”

    The surgery paid almost immediate dividends: “About six months after it was my Year 11 prom and it looked good.”

    Her jaws were cut horizontally and vertically, then a year later she endured more corrective surgery on her chin, which was also misshapen: “I’d always felt like my chin was too small, so the second procedure, which was optional, made another big difference.

    “I mostly just felt relieved – I finally felt like I could be myself.”

    She said the change in her appearance has been matched by an increase in confidence.

    “Now I just feel normal,” said shop assistant Ellie, who lives at home with dad Simon, mum Natalie and sister Chloe, 21. “It’s worth the year of pain and my mum said what’s a year compared to the rest of your life.”

    “I used to dance and I used to be afraid to come to the front but after I had it done my dance teacher said she could see the difference in my confidence.

    “I was shy but now I feel really confident. It’s changed my whole life.”

    Ellie now dreams of being a photographer but would look just at home on the other side of the lens.

    She wants to take photos of others’ special moments and is looking for opportunities to pursue her dream.

    She said she owed a debt of gratitude to the team and revealed surgeon Emma Woolley even called her at home one night to check on her condition.

    For mum Natalie, too, the effects on her daughter have been much more than skin deep.

    She said: “The surgery has not only changed the way Ellie looked, but also the way she portrays herself.

    “Her confidence has grown and she’s blossomed into a beautiful young lady.”

    More than 100 patients are seen each year with similar problems at Glan Clwyd but Ellie’s was particularly severe, according to Ellie’s surgeon.

    “A lot of people don’t actually realise they have a jaw deformity, and just accept that they have difficulties biting,” said Emma Woolley. “By not treating it at a young age, it can cause real difficulties later in life.

    “I’m really glad the treatment has made a difference and given Ellie her confidence back.”

    Source: Mirror



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  • Ripped female bodybuilder who flexed muscles in Mr & Mrs Universe contest swindled £42K in disability benefits

    This super-fit woman bodybuilder swindled £42,000 in disability benefits while competing in international events.

    Footage shows Maria Hughes flexing her muscles in the Mr & Mrs Universe 2013 in Hamburg.

    The ripped lifter, who used the stage name Maria Glazowska, came sixth in the prestigious event.

    While claiming she was riddled with arthritis, she raked in proceeds of the Disability Living Allowance for six years.

    Yesterday the 45-year-old pleaded guilty to conning taxpayers out of the cash.

    Hughes, of Meir, Staffs, who attended court in a wheelchair, will be sentenced next month.

    The judge at Stoke Crown Court heard Hughes had a previous conviction for growing £30,000 of cannabis.

    The court heard she claimed to suffer from arthritis in her knees, back and wrists which meant she had to shuffle up and down the stairs on her bottom.

    But in bodybuilding interviews she described how she liked weights as “heavy as possible”.

    In one interview she said: “Quite simply I was built for bodybuilding so I decided to do what Mother Nature obviously intended my body to do, which was to lift, and lift.”

    The Sun reports she also said: “Having abs for the first time in my life at the age of 41 was an incredible buzz.

    “Now I just love seeing my body constantly develop and change.”

    Hughes said the sport had transformed her from a “hard clubbing, rave scene, party animal”.

    She will be sentenced on August 19.

    Source: Mirror

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  • The girl who sneezes 8,000 times a day - but doctors have no idea why

    A desperate mother is pleading for help for her nine-year-old daughter who has started sneezing 8,000 times a day

    Ira Saxena's sneezing bouts began three weeks ago and she now emits around 10 involuntary epidoses per minute.

    Doctors are baffled by the mystery condition and have ruled out the most common causes of sneezing such cold or allergies.

    The only time Ira stops is when she is asleep.

    But the fits restart the moment she wakes up meaning, she has been unable to go to school since the sneezing started

    Her mother Priya has taken her daughter to a GP, specialist and a private clinic, but so far no-one has been able to diagnose the problem or stop it.

    She said: 'Three weeks ago she just woke up sneezing and she has not stopped. It started slowly and has progressed to become more constant and violent.

    'The doctors are saying it is possibly an incorrect signal being sent from her brain or a tic, but nobody can be sure.

    'She is not allergic to anything and has been given, steroids, antihistamines and a nasal spray, but she is just not responding to anything.

    'No-one has seen anything like this before and they are all giving her different things, but nothing is working.'

    The only time Ira's sneezing fits ceased was when she had an hour of hypnotherapy - she did not sneeze at all during the session - but as soon as it finished, the fits restarted.

    Her mother, Priya, has now made a homeopathy appointment.

    Mrs Saxena said: 'The one blessing is she sleeps fine, it is the only time when she is not sneezing and she can sleep right through the night.'

    Ira, from Colchester, has been kept at home since her condition started.

    Mrs Saxena said: 'It is very frustrating, but the school has been very supportive.

    'She tried to go to back, but only lasted for one morning before she had to come home because she was just sneezing so much.

    'This is robbing her of her life.

    'It is so frustrating and she is being very brave.

    'To be truthful, it is affecting me more than it is her, I just want her to be back to how she was before.'

    In 2009, Lauren Johnson, 12, of Virginia, started to sneeze thousands of times a day and was eventually diagnosed by an immunologist who said her immune system had been sent haywire by a throat infection

    Last year Katelyn Thornley, of Texas, started having sneezing bouts. Doctors are still perplexed.

    Anyone who believes they can help treat or diagnose Ira's condition should email priya99.saxena@gmail.com 

    Source: Daily Mail


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