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  • Machar son, brother shot dead at Kiir palace

    Authorities have confirmed that South Sudan rebel leader and First Vice President Riek Machar’s son Gatwang Riek Machar was killed in gun fire.

    Gatwang who left London to come and help his father’s forces in the fight for  residency was killed along with Machar’s guards.

    His body was reportedly recovered by South Sudan Redcross group and buried in a mass grave with more than 1,000 other soldiers killed in South Suda capital Juba.

    Also reported dead is Riek Machar’s young brother Kuen Machar who was also killed last  month when fresh clashes broke out between forces loyal to president Salva Kiir and those loyal to Machar.

    The clashes which led to the death of more than 3,000 people drove Machar into a self imposed exile.

    His whereabouts are yet to be know but some unconfirmed reports have indicated that he fled the youngest African Nation.

    Kiir’s plea and ultimatum for his return and guarantee of safety have not yielded anything yet.

    Source: Uganda News


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  • Michael Phelps tied a 2,168-year-old Olympic record

    Michael Phelps won his 20th and 21st gold medals Tuesday night, extending his record for the most golds of any Olympian ever. His win in the 200 meter butterfly made him the first person to win individual swimming gold in Olympic games 12 years apart. He also became the oldest man to win individual swimming gold, breaking a 96-year-old record set by Hawaiian surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku in 1920.

    Typically our oldest sports records are at most 75 or 100 years old, so it's absolutely wild to think of a sports record that spans millennia. But if we consider today's modern Olympics to be an extension of the ancient games held in Greece, Phelps has now tied a record.

    Phelps' 12 individual gold medals is by far the record for the modern games -- early 20th century American track-and-field star Ray Ewry is next with eight. But Leonidas won 12 titles in the second century B.C. A renowned runner, Leonidas won three events -- the stadion, a sprint; the diaulos, a longer run; the hoplitodromos, a run performed while wearing armor -- in four straight Olympiads. He is believed to have won more Olympic titles than anybody at the ancient Olympic games. .

    If we're being technical, Phelps is alone with the record for most gold medals -- they didn't give out gold medals at the ancient Olympics, instead giving athletes a crown of olive leaves. He'll pass Leonidas for most Olympic titles (medals or wreaths) if he wins either of his two other individual events, the 100-meter butterfly and the 200-meter individual medley.

    Hopefully Leonidas enjoyed his 2,000 years on top. Here's to the robot sports bloggers of the year 4,184 putting up a post about how Olympic blernsball champion Lord Glorpnax the Destroyer has tied a record from an ancient swimming man named "Michael Phelps."

    Source: The Washington Post

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  • Google manager, 27, raped, murdered and set on fire while jogging in Massachusetts woods - just half a mile from her mom's home

    A Google employee from New York City who disappeared on an afternoon jog while visiting her mother in Massachusetts has been found murdered in the woods.

    Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said Monday that 27-year-old Vanessa Marcotte was reported missing after failing to return from a run between 1pm and 4pm in Princeton.

    Her body was discovered at around 8.20pm Sunday by a state police K9 unit near Brooks Station Road, about a half-mile from her mother's home.

    A source told Fox25 in Boston that investigators were examining the possibility that Marcotte was sexually assaulted and set on fire, with burns to her hands, head and feet.

    He added that it was unclear whether Marcotte's killing was a random act of violence and urged local residents to remain vigilant and exercise caution.

    'People should be concerned,' Early told the press. 

    Marcotte's employer, Google, released the following statement about her death: 'Vanessa Marcotte was a much loved member of the Google team, working in our New York office for the last year and a half, and known for her ubiquitous smile, passion for volunteer work and love of Boston sports. We are deeply shocked and saddened, and our thoughts are with her family and friends'.

    Early said there was 'nothing at this point' connecting Marcotte's death to the unsolved slaying last week of Karina Vetrano, a female jogger in Queens.

    The rural town of Princeton has about 3,500 residents and is 40 miles west of Boston. Early says Marcotte grew up in nearby Leominster.

    According to Marcotte's LinkedIn account, the Boston University graduate had worked as an account manager at Google in New York City for nearly two years.

    Prior to that, the 27-year-old had a marketing job at Vistaprint.

    In a blog Marcotte wrote while still at Boston University, she said: 'I am a Public Relations major with an extreme interest in all things Internet-savvy. 

    'To get a little technical, I am passionate about business strategies like SEO, Analytics and Inbound Marketing (just to name a few) and hope to develop these skills further and make them a focus in my future career'.

    Source: Daily Mail 


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  • Tokyo elects Yuriko Koike as first female governor

    Former Defence Minister Yuriko Koike has been elected governor of Tokyo, the first woman to lead Japan's capital.

    Ms Koike, running as an independent candidate, received more than 2.9 million votes in Sunday's election, beating her opponents by a wide margin.

    One of her key challenges will be curbing the financial problems plaguing Tokyo's preparations to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

    Both her predecessors resigned over funding scandals

    "I will lead Tokyo politics in an unprecedented manner, a Tokyo you have never seen," Ms Koike, 64, told cheering supporters.

    "While feeling the weight of this result, I want to thoroughly push the metropolitan government forward as the new governor."

    Ms Koike is a member of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), but it did not endorse her so she ran as an independent.

    "Traitor." "Too much make-up." "Dressed as a woman but a hawkish man."

    These are some of the comments that have been flung in what has become one of the most negative campaigns of recent years in Japan.

    Ms Koike's lead in the polls has annoyed Liberal Democrat Party grandees, with former Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara, the father of the local LDP federation chairman, telling voters: "We cannot leave Tokyo to a woman with too much make-up."

    Her supporters were disgusted by what they called a sexist remark, but after decades in Japan's male-dominated political theatre, Ms Koike laughed it off: "I am used to it."

    Source: BBC

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  • US launches air strikes on IS in Libya

    The United States has carried out air strikes on positions of so-called Islamic State (IS) in Libya, following a request by the UN-backed government there, the Pentagon says.

    The strikes targeted positions in the port city of Sirte, an IS stronghold.

    Libyan PM Fayez Sarraj, in a televised address, said the strikes caused "heavy losses".

    Western powers have become increasingly concerned at IS's growing presence in Libya.

    The air strikes are the first such US military intervention co-ordinated with the Libyan unity government.

    There have been two previous US attacks on IS targets in Libya - last February and in November.

    The Pentagon said Monday's strikes, authorised by President Barack Obama, were in support of government forces currently fighting IS militants.

    "These actions and those we have taken previously will help deny ISIL a safe haven in Libya from which it could attack the United States and our allies," the Pentagon statement continued, using another term for IS.

    Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said the strikes hit "precision targets", including a tank, in response to a request from the Libyan administration in the past few days.

    Source: BBC


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