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  • Heavy rain, flooding may occur in Ethiopia


    (EthioTime) Regular and irregular prolonged rainfall is forecasted in most areas of Ethiopia, where in north and eastern as well as south eastern parts of the country are expected to have heavy cloud, that would cause a heavy rain, while high flood across the Awash river and other areas is also predicted.

    According the National Disaster Risk Management Commission, Humbule and Goro areas of the Alem Tena Woreda, Becho and Sire Woreda’s, particularly dwellers around the Koka Dam, Merti, Metehara (Fentalie) and Amibara districts are warned to take the necessary precautions of heavy flooding.

    Residents of Dulecha, Gelealo, Tendaho Dam areas, Asayita Woreda, the previous Capital of Afar and region and Afambo areas are said to be victims of flood, the Commision disclosed.

    The commission advised Afar and the other regions to facilitate evacuation and transportation facilities. 

    (Image: Nile Gorge/Wikipedia) 


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  • Commodity price may hike in Addis for coming holiday

     (EthioTime) Market irregularities are expected to occur in the coming holiday in the capital Addis Ababa with prices of major household consumption goods such as edible oil, sugar, wheat flour, grains, sheep and oxen by traders who may try to manipulate market prices during the holiday, according to the Addis Ababa Trade Bureau.

    However the trade bureau said that it is overseeing the proper distribution of consumer goods to the public through cooperative retailers union (Shemachoch) with distribution of over 4.6 million liters of edible oil, 108 thousand quintals of sugar and 80 thousand quintals of wheat flour in a month effort is to control those who attempt to create artificial supply shortage and cause artificial inflation. 

     (Image: Market in Ethiopia/Wikipedia) 


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