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  • 'Document forgers' to smuggle illegal migrants to Europe arrested


    European police agency Europol said visas and passports were sold for up to £2,500 ($3,600) and sent across the EU, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

    Greek police said the criminal networks were also involved in smuggling people across borders.

    About 100 people are still wanted in Greece and other countries.

    Europol said the network was based in Athens and consisted of two criminal groups, one run by Sudanese people and another by Bangladeshis, and 16 people have been arrested in Greece.

    Both groups forged passports, national ID cards, Schengen visas, driving licences, asylum seekers' registration cards and residence permits, police said. 

    Ten suspects were arrested in the Czech Republic, where a separate group would send stolen or lost travel documents to Athens for the Bangladeshi and Sudanese groups to falsify.

    A police spokesman in the Czech Republic said seven migrants were also arrested for using forged documents.

    The Sudanese-led group helped up to 15 migrants a month enter the EU at a cost of up to nearly £4,000 ($5,800, €5,200) per head, Greek police said. Read more here at BBC


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  • Oromo protesters 'force suspension of Ethiopia university exams'- BBC

    Ethiopia's university entrance exams, due to start today, have been cancelled because one of the papers has been leaked online, reports the government-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate.

    Pictures of the English exam have been widely shared on social media.

    Minister of Education Shiferaw Shigute is quoted as saying: “After a cross check, we decided to terminate the whole exam since we had no evidence that the other exams were safe."

    People supporting the protests for greater rights for Ethiopia's Oromo people are saying that they are responsible for the leak.

    Photographs of some of the exam papers have been posted on one activist's Facebook page:

    The activists said they wanted Oromo students to have more time to study for the entrance exams after their high schools had been closed for several months during a wave of protests at the end of last year and the beginning of this year.

    Ethiopia's education ministry has said that a plan for new exams will be announced soon.

    Source: BBC

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  • Ethiopia close to finishing 70% of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam


    Ethiopia is about to finish 70% of construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), minister of the Ethiopian Government Communication Affairs office Getachew Reda said.

    In an interview with the Saudi newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Reda added that the finished work included civil engineering and water engineering.

    Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan have contracted two French companies to prepare a report on the impact of the dam on the three countries.

    Reda said that the technical report has nothing to do with the current construction and it is only meant to show its impact on other countries.

    “The dam is being built and this will not be affected by the report, but if there is anyone who believes that he would affected after carrying out the study, then it is not our problem in Ethiopia,” Reda said. Read more here



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  • Killing tragedy continues in Gambella with no any official statement


    (EthioTime) South Sudanese refugees reported to have killed Ethiopians who were working at Jawi refugee camp in Gambella. Death toll was reported to be 14 people, however, sources from Ethiopian authorities claimed only 10. Ethiopian government remained silent about the brutal killing that some people are still nowhere to be found either alive or dead. Meanwhile, the exact status of the recently hijacked people by South Sudanese armed group from the region is also not yet revealed.  

    Ethnic Nuer who are reported to have committed the brutal killing were elicited by a car accident that killed two refugee children in the camp on Friday mid-day. Action Contre la Faim (ACF), a foreign Non-Governmental Organization operating in the refugee camp owns the vehicle.

    The killing that solely targeted Ethiopians in the refugee camp turned Gambella, one of Ethiopia’s regional administration, the most fragile place in the area.

    Over 48 thousand ethnic Nuer refugees are hosted in Jawi Camp, according the UN. Ethiopia is a host for hundreds of thousands refugees from the world’s newest country as they escape the war-torn between two superior political factions. 

    (Image: South Sudan refugee camp in Gambella) 

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  • Germany offers new scholarship for Ethiopians


    (EthioTime) The German government funded scholarship to Ethiopians and other African countries has been announced on Thursday in Addis Ababa. The launch of the scholarship program offers Masters and Doctoral degree to Ethiopians in the field of land management and policy.  

    The first phase of the scholarships is open to applicants from three universities – Bahir Dar University of Ethiopia, Ardhi University of Tanzania, and the Namibian University of Science and Technology – taking in 100 students starting from the academic year of 2016/17.

    Land governance is of crucial importance for African development, especially with regards to food security and economic development, said Thomas Silberhorn, Germany’s Parliamentary State Secretary to Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, mentioning why is the reason of Germany’s supports the land policy initiative.

    The Land Policy Initiative is a joint program of the African Union Commission, African Development Bank and UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).

    (Image: PM H/Mariam Desalegn and Chancellor Angela Merkel )

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