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  • Ethiopia's communication shared fake news 'Ethiopians to travel visa free to US'

    (EthioTime News, April 5, 2017) Ethiopia's communication affairs office shares a fake news that 'Donald Trump Signs a visa-free travel policy for Ethiopians'. The white house and other credible news organizations have not reported about the claim.

    The source of the news (http://usa-television.com/donald-trump-signs-a-visa-free-travel-policy-for-ethiopia/ ) has reported another fake news that United States has imposed a quota on the number visa to be granted to Ethiopians. However, the embassy of United Sates in Addis Ababa has dismissed the claim.

    It is shocking to learn the communication office shares a fake news without double checking the credibility of the source. Considering the measures taken by Donald Trump's administration against immigration, it is less likely to happen in his administration. See the screen shot of the post below. 

    In a recent development, the embassy of United States in Addis Ababa has posted on its official Facebook page that the circulating fake news in the social media, also shared by the communication office of Ethiopia, is not true. The post states that there is no change in visa policy for Ethiopian citizens. 

    Following the statement from the US embassy, EthioTime has learned that the communication office has taken down the fake news from its official Facebook page. 

    Instead of asking sincere apology for disseminating fake news, the office decided to delete the fake news and posted the statement from the embassy.   

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  • More than 400 shops burned to ashes in Gonder


    (by EthioTime) One of the focal point of the recent unrest in Ethiopia, Gonder, more than 400 shops burnt to ashes according local media source, FBC. 

    Gonder city administration police said the fire accident started yesterday around 10pm local time. Police PR Inspector Abebe Alebachew said the causes of the fire that burned 400 shops to ashes  have not been yet known. He said the incident is under investigation.

    The city administration’s communication affair vice Ato Sisay Adane said the city administration is preparing itself to help the victims to rehabilitate.

    Human causalities have not been reported because of the fire accident although huge material loses.

    In Ethiopia, since the unrest, fire accident has been reported in the maximum security prison Qilinito and,  in prisons in Amhara and Oromia region. Despite the gov’t assertion 32 inmates died because of suffocation and fire in Qilinito prison, oppositions argued the fire is a cover to kill political prisoners. EthioTime has not known if the current fire accident is connected to the accidents reported related with the protests.

    This story is developing, refresh for updates. (EthioTime.Com)

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  • Getaneh Kebede joins Dedebit FC

    (by EthioTime) Ethiopian national team forward, Getaneh Kebede, who was playing for South African side Pretoria University has signed new 2 years contract for Ethiopian Premier League side Dedebit FC at 3 million Birr, said sources.                                      

    Getaneh, who returned back to his old club, is one of African (AFCON 2017) qualifiers matches top goal scorers with 6 goals after netting the opening goal for the home side last Saturday against Seychelles.       

    The player signed the contact for 1.5 million Birr annual salary which calculates 125,000 Birr per month, 31,250 Birr a week or 4110 a day, according to sources.

    Image: Getaneh Kebede

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  • Somali region officials bag 10 million Birr to Tigrian displaced from Ahmara region

    (by EthioTime) Headed by Abdi Mohamed Omar the regional president, officials of Somali region has been reported to donate 10 million Birr to Tigrians displaced from Gonder and surrounding in Amhara region.

    According to sources, the aim of this support is to show their solidarity with Tigray people. However, the act of the regional officials has not been welcomed by many people for it can motivate political misconstruction at this very time of grievance and misunderstanding being fueled between the two people in Amhara and Tigray regions.   

    In the meantime, regional delegates are preparing to travel to Tigray region in order to mourn with those who have been reported as displaced.           

    Image: Abdi Mohamed

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  • PM Hailemariam removes Shiferaw Shigute

    (by EthioTime) Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has been reported to have removed his other regional comrade, Education Minister Shiferaw Shigute in a week time after Mekuria Haile has been sacked from Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

    Many people in the East African country have been suspicion toward the capacity of Shiferaw to up hold ministerial post especially the education where country’s educational institutions suffer from curricula being abandoned due to funding cuts, unqualified – but party-loyal – lecturers, and shoddily built institutions.

    Ethiopia’s higher education infrastructure has mushroomed in the last 15 years. The rapid growth of Ethiopia’s higher education system has come at a cost, but it is moving forward all the same, according to The Telegraph.

    Despite this fact, the Ministry of Education under leadership of Shiferaw, higher education entrance exam leaking scandal plagued the nation all round to blockage of social media sites pressing the Ministry to cancel Higher Education entrance exam schedule in May this year.  

    Shiferaw is an executive committee member of EPRDF and former president of South Region. However, EPRDF council announced last week a plan to conduct massive "clean up" including its top leadership which is followed by Hailemariam’s signoff to sack two ministers. The public seems annoyed with the act of taking the “small fish” down.  

    Image: Shiferaw Shigute

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