Amhara region Chief Gedu Andargachew lost from political power

(by EthioTime) President of the Amhara regional state, Gedu Andargachew, has been removed from political power, according to sources that the regional party, Amhara National Democratic Movements, central committee decided to strip off Gedu’s power.

The decision is said to limit Gedu’s involvement in administrative functions while he is also deputy chairman of the party. It was reported that the Party Central Committee claim that Gedu amassed excessive power and failed to tend the political health of the party.

Sources also indicate that, some other regional officials have also been removed from office in the region.

Gedu will be limited to governmental functions after now, while Party Chairman Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen will make all party related decisions, it was learned.  

The Bahir Dar. The regional capital, demonstration in the weekend went beyond denouncing TPLF and left many people died.

Image: Gedu Andargachew


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  • Kassahun Added Degu came on power after his predecessor resigned from his position as a result of Meles Zenawi's wyane dictators asked him to sign the land agreement on behalf of Sudan and Degu came on the chair position and he excitingly signed the agreement to agree on Sudan's terms, which was orchestrated by Meles Zenawi.
    Degu was an enemy of the Amara, more than woyane and since he came on the chair position allow woyane to achieve many success on the land acquirement from the Amara, particularly from Gondar and Wallo.
  • TRIT MOHAMMED Added one domain with many range it has a relation and also its has a function but they has not one to one fuction.

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